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Related article: Date: Thursday, April 7, 2005 23 49th 07 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Deepak Salwan u003cbubbles150285 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Dear Brother live in the commercial capital of India, Bombay, two beautiful children aged between 17 and 26, two brothers, named Raj and Kris, respectively. have been the children of rich parents, and had a wonderful life. They were very together and that the brothers are like that. One Nude Preteen Toplist afternoon, when his parents were out for a party of dinner, there was an incident that changed his view each other for now. he Mr. u0026 Mrs. Singhania, a company has been invited to dinner and was about to leave the house. At that time, as they were closing the door, threw Raj in the return of cricket practice. his mother was told to go to dinner and must return to the 01 clock 00, the two brothers should not stay awake, because they took with them the keys y open house, and go in the youth s mother kissedon a good night and went in the car with chauffeur and her husband, by the party. Raj after closing the door, I had nothing to do, so it was his brothers room. After hitting a a few times and getting no response, opened the door entered. To his surprise, when he entered, saw his brother out of the shower, wrapped in just a white towel to the waist. still had a few drops of water on his body, and looked very sexy, leading - only towel. His well- chiseled body looked smooth muscle in a very attractive and seductive. The young brother, who was until now, although it are sometimes awakened in the sexy guys Nude Preteen Toplist on the network and television, which began some physical changes attracted the attention of his brother more. 's older brother, Kris, was bisexual, ( although n ot a few girls to go with), but had many people know that very few of their near n friends bisexual and worship the child b -knew ro is. Both brothers had entertained many times in the bed, n , but never had sex before. Kris approached Raj. Raj still dressed, , while Kris was involved only in a white towel. Raj passionately kissing her brother, while his older brother began ith undressed. Both were completely naked, and is the younger brother took the initiative and took the bro in the towel after they were prepared for viewing. They hugged for a long time, and made the two bodies collide, the heat of transition n to the other, making it an even more hot to two. Kris is bigger, kissed of his brother in the neck, face and lips, the young man could not kiss a lot, n, except the love bro chest and shoulders, as he was when he was still small. Hands moves throughout the body, feeling every part, so that steam is an incident. Both were excited and agitated, and in some fashion with a great prelude. Raj tells his beautiful brother older than himwanted feel like his brother was closer, and that it, to be one, and no separate as ever. Kris took his sweet smile, said his boy, and , which would be a painful experience, as it was the child the first time. Kiddo said he did not object of pain as he wanted and more adorable brother he wanted to be one with him, and not consideration of the consequences, whatever they are. Kris agreed, but told his boy, who uses a a condom when he had sex with many girls before, and a few guys, so they do not comply at all times opportunities specifically with loving and lovable child brother. Raj did not care, I was really excited the idea of ​​human-to- male sex, even with of his brother whom he loved immensely. This was the first time, the child was about to have sex with someone, even if he was masturbating in bed a lot times, but nothing more. There was not even gives a blowjob to anyone ever. Kris, wENT for the closet and pulled out a new condom the package and placed it in his best friend s that would conquer his little boy in a while. There n've very difficult, so we were very easy. Kris returned to his boy, and asked again if still wanted. However, he received a response in the is, so everything was ready, because the two n were naked, and he agreed to what would be a reason for your the change in their relationship now on. both went to bed. Kris spray some lube kid in your back door, and even some n on the condom. She kissed her brother and touched all to get on with it. She kissed him again, lips, , and told him to just enjoy it, do not worry, he Take care of him. Kris begins his journey in his boy, Raj. The kid makes some noises of pain at first, as you type, but has a "ahhhh.. " as journey continues and shows the joy that is one with his brother. The brother goes into it, until you feel yourProstate and the tail begins to beating up his brother and the condom. Can be hung you can feel the walls of their brethren in the interior with his mantool. He is really getting into the rhythm and the " starts breathing heavily, his brother is so sweet. The excitement and intensity of emotions is the n a high now as it starts to sweat in the -conditioning, full can provide. the brother is ready, and close your eyes and makes sounds and warns his brother slowly to boy his chest massage no problems. s to go ahead and break his tools in the the condom, so the repeated recordings and shows the joy he has of his sweet boy if s had his best ever filmed and co- incidentally, that spite of his best friend -. is. small two lying on the bed, still in the other on the other for some time before Kris van slowly pushed his boy lover -. They embrace, not worried at all n a mess on the bed. passio They kissUnfortunately, and to be one for some time before entering the shower clean. Kris threw the condom in the toilet, and both the the lovers meet in the shower. Both the soap clean and each other. Later, even n towel each other, then they will receive in their respective gowns. is rather late at night, so they have a light dinner - snack and go to sleep. A The next morning, at breakfast, with its a parents, these two are another pair together. There is love for others points of view has changed for each other. Have a shower together, the continue with it even if they marry, lucky not to get caught by their wives and Children Nude Preteen Toplist The two remain together after the marriage, as well as \\ \\ n This kind of have a relationship that no damage. Their wives are also best friends, but no in this way! go to a romantic relationship also after marriage, and even after having children (he has two two sweet childreneveryone! ), If given the opportunity to to be alone, either at home or in your personal cabins, or a business trip together tour ( that s always business as a whole), and if opportunity as possible to the shower together too. to love life goes on forever, and live happily ever after, with the greatest mystery buried in them for life. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions to bubbles150285 yahoo. com
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